A1 or A2 RNR Poster with QR code to take them to the RNRs.com.au website


High Quality Silk Matt Paper, Unlaminated Only

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Poster has a QR code leading your patient back to this website (RNRs.com.au) for more information about the reflexes, tests they can do at home, and FAQs. It even shows you!

Yes, shucks! The site uses their locale to hone in on nearby RNR practitioners, affirming for your training in RNR.

Interest in the neonatal reflexes and their retention is widespread. Therapists, teachers, parents and children show their fascination by asking lots of questions and looking for more avenues to gain answers.

We’ve now made your task as a Retained Neonatal Reflexes practitioner a little bit simpler by producing these posters, directing your patients to a swag of ingestible and informative content about their care, and what they can expect.

Available in A1 & A2.

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Weight .27 kg
Dimensions 62.5 × 6 × 6 cm

A1 – $70, A2 – $60