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Welcome to the official Retained Neonatal Reflexes Online Course.  This course was founded by the Late Dr Keith Keen (Chiropractor, Osteopath, DIBAK) and presented at face-to-face seminars from 1996.  Since his first teachings the RNR technique has developed substantially both in content and contributors.

Rather than two 3-day weekend face-to-face seminars, this newly structured course consists now of two parts; the online course and an accompanying face-to-face RNR Workshop held biannually at a weekend seminar.  The online material covers the theory, covered in video and written formats, and video demonstrations of the hands-on procedures.

To complete the course you will you will need to complete each of the lessons by watching the videos, reading all the documents and passing the quiz for each section.

This course has been compiled and taught in these videos by Dr Susan Walker (Chiropractor, DIBAK) who graduated with Bachelor of Science from University of Queensland in 1999, and Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 2002. She undertook Professional Applied Kinesiology in her final year of University under International College of Applied Kinesiology Diplomate (DIBAK) Dr Keith Keen.  Upon graduation she worked with Dr Keith and began contributing regularly at ICAK-A Collected Papers seminars. She acted as ICAK-A Seminar Convenor for a couple of years and developed and maintained a new ICAK-A website as a committee member.

In 2008 Susan became a Certified Teaching Diplomate of the ICAK and began teaching Professional Applied Kinesiology, and soon after the RNRs alongside Dr Keith Keen.  They taught together for 11 years, sadly ending with their last course together in 2019.  Dr Keith’s failing health and eventual passing in January 2021 saw Dr Susan become the accredited teaching successor and, with Keith’s blessing, team up with Dr Trent Banks DIBAK and Diplomate of Carrick Neurology to bring you this course.

So it’s time to turn your nervous system to Classroom Mode and start the first lesson.